Goodbye with Love

108 yoga

Tears ran down my face as we chanted Om, pressed our palms together in namaste and bowed to give thanks.

Tonight was the closing ceremony for my yoga studio. My beloved sanctuary – 108 Yoga – is closing. The sangha – our wonderful little community of yogis and yoginis – gathered to practice and offer gratitude for this space and the people who have filled it with intention, love, knowledge, shakti, laughter, and joy.

I stepped into this cozy studio six years ago a much different person than I am today. It was here that I was broken open and put back together again to be the woman I am today.  I was introduced to amazing teachers, teachings and fellow seekers – not of perfect bodies but rather of connection to self. I completed my yoga teacher training here with a wonderful group of women. And it was at 108 where I learned about the life-changing pilgrimage to India I went on two years ago.

I usually invite change with open arms, but not this time. I love this place and everything it gave me.

Tonight’s practice was fittingly focused on non-attachment and letting go. After all, the two core principles on which the entire system of yoga rests are Practice (abhyasa) and Non-attachment (vairagya).  We were reminded that our experiences and connections live on in our hearts. I know this, but it’s still tough to let go. I am attached to this place and the memories made there.

There’s also fear. Fear that our community won’t continue without the space that brought us together. This eased as our sangha sat knee-to-knee tonight chanting mantras of peace, love, and strength. I realized that we will always be connected by the special moments shared and the friendships we made at 108. It’s now up to each of us to hold space for our community.

Tonight, I let go of this sacred, special space with gratitude for the people, practices and wisdom it brought into my life.

I love you 108. Always and forever.

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